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Monday, November 28, 2011

Almost over!

It's almost over!
School is almost over!
As much as I love it, I'm really happy that it's almost over.

Okay, I'm done. Well, the Advent season has begun again. And I'm piled really high with homework. And I'm barely awake. Yes, it's only eight-thirty PM, but I've been falling asleep all day.
And quite frankly, that has been annoying me quite a bit.
Because, trust me, there is nothing more scary than falling asleep on public transportation.
Allow me to elaborate.
You're getting on the bus, with a few bags in hand, and you put them down on the seat next to yours as you sit down. Soon your eyes start to droop. You fight to keep them open, but you unwittingly close them, and you're soon off to dream land. You jolt back to life as the bus stops, and someone gets off, but then you fall into your fatigue-induced coma once again. Think about that. You're sleeping with your bag on the bus. Do you know what kind of creeps use public transportation? You have no idea what they'll do. I mean, they might be digging around in your bag, for all you know. And what if you miss your stop? Thankfully, I have yet to do that, but I've come close. I woke up at one point in a state of panic with no idea where I was. That is, until I remembered that this was a different bus than I usually took, and thus, it took a different route.

Anyway, life's been pretty hectic for me. I sometimes find myself missing the days when everything was so simple, when I was still sane. That's right folks, the days before I hit puberty. I didn't have to deal with all of the emotional crap back then. But, on the bright side, I'm doing much better. I'm learning how to deal with it. And I'm feeling happier. That's generally a good thing.

OH MY GOSH, RANDOM TOPIC SWITCH! NIGHTWISH IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM! That's right. The album is called "Imaginaerum", and I believe it's released in the USA on January 10th. I don't really recall. All I know is that I'm gonna buy it on the day it hits stores. I've already heard two of the songs, and they're both really, really amazing.
Here's one of them, their new single known as "Storytime." Yes, it's a really odd name for a symphonic metal song. But it's Nightwish. They can get away with that.

I'd highly discourage watching if you are afraid of random clowns and rock bands and singers who wear too much makeup. But it's an AMAZING song.
The other song that I've heard from their album is "The Crow, The Owl, and The Dove". Which is a really, really good song. But it technically hasn't been released yet. So I can't post any videos for it because of the stupid copyright claims.

Anyway, I should probably do homework/go to sleep now. But I want to tell all of you that I've not forgotten you. I'm just kind of busy because of school.
Be back soon (hopefully)!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I really love growing up....

This is the best time of my life!
All of a sudden, I'm being thrown (metaphorically, mind you) into shark-infested waters of adulthood!
I get to deal with all sorts of emotional stuff that I've never gotten to deal with before, I get to realize that every mistake I make will affect someone's life! So, here I am, tiptoeing through this treacherous field of poppies, trying not to botch up, keep my grades up, and manage my relationships!
I love this!

I hope you all realize that I am being rather fecicious. I'm sure you all do.
Yeah, I tend to cycle through extatic and depressed phases, and right now, I'm in one of my depressed phases.
Since the beginning of this year, everything's just been insane. A brief list of things that have happened over the past ten months:
I started college
I started teaching
I started dating again
I started learning just how hard relationships are
I started learning that there are billions of girls out there, and only one for me, so I'm going to have to wait a while before anything happens
I started taking my second semester of college
I started socializing with my peers
I started meeting people who have completely different beliefs, and people who have an almost identical creed to my own
I started having a hard time with my faith
I started a band
I started understanding what it truly means to love someone
I started understanding how important my family is to me
Yeah, alot has happened over the past few months. Some good, some bad.
And I should be going to bed now, because I am extremely tired, and I want to be able to teach/do homework tomorrow.
Oh, I got my midterm grades: two A's, an A- and a B+. Not the best for a perfectionist like me, but I still have the rest of the semester. It should be pretty easy to get my B+ up, and I need to work just a bit harder for my A-. I just hope I can end with all A's. But that's just me being a perfectionist.
So, anyway, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Alot of crazy stuff going on.
But I'm confident that I'll feel better soon.
I mean, a depressed phase can't last forever, right?



Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!

Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!