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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hooray for Spring Break....

Spring break is happening. 'Cept I've been sick for the past few days. It's only a bad cold, but still, it's a bad cold. As in feeling lightheaded, having trouble breathing, stuffy nose, etc.
Good news is, I'm feeling mostly better. Unfortunately, the week's almost over, and I haven't gotten to use my recording equipment yet. Sigh.
I ended up getting recording equipment for Christmas, and, unfortunately, I haven't gotten to use it yet. However, I want to be able to set aside the time to record the piano part for my song. I've wanted to have this recorded for a long time.
I'm working out kinks in my lyrics, but I should be finished soon. That'll be a good thing. Finally, over a year of work will have paid off. LOL. Gotta love perfectionism.

Anyway. About my life as of late. My sociology teacher has no idea what he's talking about. I'm gonna have to dedicate a blog post to him.

Banana and I sometimes go out to eat, and that happened today. It was really rather nice. We went to "Chipotle," which is amazing. Basically, you tell them what to put on your tortilla, and they put it on your tortilla. You end up with a huge six-inch-long, three-inch-wide burrito (or, if you're like me and put everything on it, a tortilla barely wrapped around a mess of rice, beans, and guacamole), and then you get to put hot sauce on it. And not just any hot sauce. Tabasco hot sauce. I could only finish half of it.
Then we ended up going to Dairy Queen for ice cream, and you'd be surprised at how little there is in the way of ice cream. I mean, Dairy Queen. Come on. I don't know about you guys, but when I hear that name, I'm thinking of the White B**** from Epic Movie (which was terrible) reclining on her throne with a heaping cone of Moose Tracks dripping with sticky chocolate fudge.
I do not see burgers. I do not see fries. However, when I glanced up at the menu, lo and behold, I saw burgers and I saw fries. In terms of dairy, there were sundaes. In terms of regular ice cream, as I was informed by the man with the thick accent behind the counter, they had chocolate, vanilla, and twist.
Anyway, Banana and I got our ice cream, and halfway through eating my cone was when I remembered that my family has an issue with dairy. I was ice-cream drunk. Or at least, that's what Banana called it. This involves feeling drowsy and and saying the most crazy things and laughing at everything.
By crazy things, I mean something along the lines of Banana handing me my ice cream in the car and saying "Here, eat ice cream and talk about [ex-girlfriend's name]."
I was laughing so hard I could barely make it out of my parking space.
Oh, and music from the 2003 Kid's Choice Awards (which is 98% bubble-gum pop) is only really good when you're ice-cream drunk. And that gets weird, especially when you decide to sing along to "Deja Vu" by Jhene, and you sing particularly loudly the part where she says "I think the world was made to bring you to me, I was meant to be your girl."
Oh well. I'm just that epic.
I don't know how many of you got those seven-song CDs in your cereal boxes back in 2003 or so. But for a taste of how sad it is that I was listening to it, here's one of the songs.

I still love the piano, and the musicality is decent. But the subject matter is really rather unimpressive, for a college student at least. But then, these girls were 13-ish at the time.

My mom found "Queen of the Damned" on TV, and we watched that. It had music by Jonathan Davis of Korn. That was good enough for me.

Anyway, I still have work to do. Pluh. So ends my glorious Spring Break. Sick first half, homework second half. I totally meant to hang out with a friend this week, but, between the two of those, I don't think it's going to happen. Pluh. I feel bad.
Oh well.
These sacrifices must be made sometimes.
I really don't wanna be in school anymore sometimes.
I'm just done.

I can't flippin' wait to transfer. Get out, see the world, live an independent life. That'll be a good thing.
I have a lot of reasons that I wanna get out, but let's just say, though I love my family dearly, I gotta exercise my adult-ness. That'll be such fun!

Anyway, I need to go to bed. Singing at church tomorrow, picking songs for the mass the church band is playing at (have I even told you about the church band? -- sigh, I'm not here nearly often enough....), finding unit vectors and unit vectors and unit vectors, and then finishing a physics handout.

Goodnight, all!



Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!

Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!