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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Most amazing band ever!

In case you guys didn't know, Nightwish is my all-time favorite band. They're symphonic power metal, which is basically metal with orchestra, and alot of keyboard synth thrown in. I absolutely can't wait for their new album. Unfortunately, it's not supposed to come out until early 2012. Great. That means I'll only have eleven months to listen to the awesomeness of Imaginarium (the new album) before the world ends!
Fooled you didn't I? No I don't believe any any of that crud. I like to joke about the fact that, since I'm not allowed to date until I'm eighteen, I'll only be able to date for less than three months before the world ends. Oh well. Since I'm only sixteen and in college, I'm what my mom calls "jail bait." That means that anyone who tries to date me who is eighteen or over could be arrested because I'm not a legal adult yet. Someone was flirting with me at college, but then she learned that I was sixteen. Yeah. That put an end to any hope for romance.
Good thing I'm not dating yet!

Okay, that was WAY off topic, but getting back to Nightwish.....
They used to have an operatic female vocalist who sounded amazing. Then they kicked her out. Now they have a new vocalist who has a totally different singing style, but still sounds amazing. If you look at some of the comments on the youtube videos, you'll find some users who are "Tarja-ist" (operatic vocalist), and some who are "Anette-ist" (new singer). It's pretty hilarious how pathetic some of their debates are. It's almost as bad as the Amy Lee/Ben Moody (Evanescence) debate, but nothing could be worse than that.

Argh! Off topic again! That's my asperger's syndrome shining through right there.
Anyway, these are some really cool live videos from Nightwish playing some of my favorite songs. Some have the new lead singer and some have the old lead singer. Some have Marco Hietala, the most amazing male metal vocalist ever. Enjoy!

Cool, right?
These guys, along with Evanescence, We Are the Fallen, Michael Card, and Linkin Park, are the most influential bands to my compositions.
Until next time,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dog training.....

Now as some of you may know, we have a dog. Her name is Perdy and she's a brown-spotted dalmation. Well, we decided to teach her a new command. The story goes like this:

On Thursday, Banana and I asked my mom if we could show her and Dad the movie Vampires Suck, which has to be one of the funniest movies out there. Extremely dirty, but very funny.
Now, The Bruiser had heard that I had asked Mom something, and he wanted to know what it was. Now there's nothing I hate more than someone constantly prying into everything I'm doing. So when The Bruiser asked me what I had asked, I answered with the first story that came to mind. "Oh we're going over the neighbor's house. You know how they smoke weed, right?"
The Bruiser was unconvinced. I continued to flesh out my story: "Yeah, every (um, what's today, oh yeah, that's right) Thursday night we go over there and smoke some weed with our friends. We even invited (a friend whom I will not name who is a police man) over, and he's bringing some of his police friends over. They've always wanted to smoke a bone with us."
"Yeah, right." Patar said, having heard our conversation from the next room. I continued my story further. "Oh, I look forward all week to these nights.... That's why I have such a hard time getting up for school in the mornings." Then an idea came to me. "I wonder if we should take Perdy over and see how she reacts to weed...."
Banana heard me from the next room and started laughing. I decided to try my idea. I called the dog. "Perdy! Weed? Weed, Perdy? Weed? Weed?"
Perdy must have thought that I was going to give her a treat or something, because she ran over to me and sat in front of me expectantly. I could barely speak, I was laughing so hard. I pulled a treat out of her treat bag. "Perdy, want weed? Weed? Leave it..... Good girl, take the weed."
Perdy gobbled up the treat happily and then walked away.

So that's our new dog command (me and Banana's anyway). Everytime we give her a treat, that's what we'll say.
Now just so you all know, I would NEVER do drugs. It would be a waste of a good brain. But still, this should generate some strange reactions from our friends.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally Spring Break!

For one week I don't really have to stress about doing schoolwork!
I can focus on music writing, and my novel, and whatever the heck else I want!
I still have one essay to write for next week, and I have to catch up on math, and I have a small assignment for english, but those I can do rather quickly, and without stress.
I can actually blog this week.

Oh, and speaking of music writing, Banana and I have officially started a band, and we have an official band blog! Our band's official blog We also have a website, but we haven't really gotten it running yet.

For now, I think we're doing a sort of alternative rock with alot of keyboards and piano with some gothic, symphonic, and christian influences. Well, that's what my composition looks like anyway. I put christian in the mix because, if you decode some of my lyrics, there is some christian meaning behind them. Once we manage to finish some of our songs, I may post some of the lyrics on the band's blog.
Our other writer, Shannon, I think composes in a more soft rock style (correct me if I'm wrong if you're reading this!), but so far, I've only heard her piano compositions. She also writes alot of lyrics.
Banana hasn't really composed much, but written an intro that sounds good, and I hope she continues to write the song. She's also written some lyrics.
Josh has written a little bit, but he's mostly a lyric person. I've read some of his stuff, and it's pretty doggoned good.

Well, anyway, I have a paper to get back to. Oh, and did you enjoy the video of my friends and I making total fools of ourselves? LOL....

Thbt-thb-tha-That's all folks! (Porky pig quote)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finally, A Video!

Hi everyone! Well, I've finally done it. I've finally shot the video that I've been meaning to shoot for a while.
Yes, I know it doesn't have the best resolution. And yes, I know that most of us are tone-deaf. But I hope you enjoy us making complete fools of ourselves.
Yes, most of us are guys. That's kinda the point. A month ago I had the brilliant idea to get as many guys as possible to sing a really girly song. We're hoping to do this next week too with Katy Perry's "California Gurls" or Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World".
Oh, and if anyone's wondering, I'm the guy with the red pants and the black shirt.
That's all for now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Almost Spring Break....

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a wicked long time.
One major reason I haven't been posting:
School. Two words: Essays!!!!! Tests!!!!! More Essays!!!!! More Tests!!!!
I had to study for a math exam (which I aced, by the way) and a music test, which I got an eighty-nine on. I am so bummed.
I know some of you might be thinking "What's wrong with him? An eighty-nine is pretty good."
Well, I am a complete perfectionist, and I am not satisfied with anything less than an A. For english I had to write a profile of one of my classmates, and now I'm writing an Essay on Asperger's Syndrome. I chose Asperger's syndrome because I know a whole lot of people (including myself) who have it. And no, Asperger's syndrome doesn't mean that we have something wrong with us, or are retarded or something, by the way. As I understand, most Aspies have above average intelligence. In fact, I credit my Asperger's syndrome for being the reason that I'm in college at sixteen. But of course, with every gift comes a curse, as I am not the socially smoothest person on the block because of it.

Anyway, I have a new music paper now, and it's on Gustav Holst's "The Planets".
The music is incredibly scientifically inacurate. For mars, it has this really dark, threatening sound, when mars is actually very desolate. Unless you believe in martians. The only things to be afraid of on mars are the monstrous sandstorms that can last for more than a month.

Jupiter, on the other hand, sounded majestic and jolly............. Something's not right there. While I can understand the majestic part, I have no idea where the jolly comes in. Due to the high rotation speed (jupiter has a ten-hour day) storms are constantly ripping across the face of the planet. And I don't mean small thunderstorms. I mean huge, uberdestructive storms that are about twenty times (or more) worse than our worst hurricane. Heck, the great red spot is the biggest storm on jupiter, bigger than the earth, and it's been around for some four-hundred years. Nothing jolly about that.

I've got an essay to get back to but before I go......
I found this online and laughed my butt off. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Until next time,


Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!

Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!