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Monday, December 31, 2012

And there will be memories: 2012, year of change.

Well, I figured I'd post a brief synopsis of the past year.

The first half kinda sucked. I started the year depressed (going through a lot of tough stuff at the time), sitting on my butt and playing the free version of "World of Warcraft" until late into the night, because that's what I do when I'm depressed. Or bored. Or just 'cause I want to. So in the end, it doesn't really mean anything.

Anyway, that fluctuated over the next four months. I started Abnormal Psychology class, among others, and that taught me the very important lesson that I would MUCH rather die than be paid to listen to people talk about their problems. At the end of the school year, I ended up having to make some tough decisions and let some people go. It hurt, but I'm glad I did. From there, we kinda went uphill in regards to emotions and all that crap.

Next, on to the summer courses! Oh, what fun! First was calculus one. I met my friend William there (if you've found this blog, hello and happy new year) and we took some derivatives and integrated like the cool people we are. Then came Physics one, where I met the person who has to be my LEAST favorite teacher on the planet. And, hey, wouldn't it be my luck that he's the head of my department? Insert expletive here. At least my teacher left me with a great quote, so great, might I add, that I copied it down word for word in my notes so that I would always remember: "This is physic one! First stage of life that you learn lots of things!"
Unfortunately, that [expletive] B+ ruined my 4.0. Perfectionism, you [expletive]ing [expletive].

Late summer: Oh eighteenness! How I love the contributions thou hast made to my life! My birthday was spent studying for and taking a test, then buying books. That's right. No party. No carousing. No complaining neighbors. Just school and stuff. One of my classes started early, so that kinda sucked.

Fall. Two of my classes are with said physics teacher. Workload is insane. Social life ceased to exist.
Mid fall. Class that started early ended early. Yippee. Less work. Still insane.

Later fall: Things were a bit hectic. For one, the music club at my school actually had a meeting. Around the fifth meeting, I got sick of nothing getting done, so I took charge. Now my friend Tad and I are the heads of the music club. I found my place as the dude who can sit down at a piano and improvise along to whatever they need.
Aside from school, I completely stopped caring about what people thought at home and just started singing. I mean, I know I sound like a dying cat sometimes (high notes, high notes...) but seriously, if I don't sing, how am I gonna get any better. I'm finding that I'm developing a nice vibrato, which happens when my throat relaxes. Unfortunately, it tenses up when I'm singing around people, so I've gotta get that fixed.
Also, singing helps emotions get from inside to outside. Seriously, it works. Try it sometime.

As you all are aware, I decided on November 4th, 2012 that I would begin what I've titled the "Forever Alone Challenge."
It's done amazing things. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who is single.

Lastly, I had an AMAZING Christmas for many reasons. One was that I was finished with school. I have done nothing but be lazy since school ended. I mean seriously. If you're going to school all spring, then throughout the entire summer, and then top it off with five classes during the fall, that's gonna leave you pretty exhausted.
Another was that I got to sing at Christmas mass. I had a solo for the first song, which is not what made it awesome. My grandmother's reaction to said solo, on the other hand.... My grandmother is never impressed by anything. She expects nothing less than perfection (and you wonder why I'm a perfectionist, hmm....). No blemishes. None whatsoever. Seeing her eyebrows raised in an expression that said "I was not expecting something like that from you" was awesome.
Christmas mass also always brings a certain peace that only comes around this time of year. It's really amazing. It reminds me of why the season's such a great thing.

After that? I hung out with some friends (hey Harpo, hey Savanna) and played Pokemon White 2 for ten or so hours. Yes, I still play Pokemon. It's fun. I mean, come on. What can be more fun than making one bunch of strange-looking creatures beat the pants of of another bunch of strange looking creatures? Personally, I think the cute ones are stupid, as cuteness and the ability to beat the tar out of other Pokemon don't exactly go hand in hand. But anyway.

So, in summary my year went from generally sucky, to generally awesome. I'm feeling SOOOO much better than I was before, and that makes me happy.
It makes me wonder what kinds of epicness next year will bring.... Hmm....
A stable job? A song recorded finally? A new girlfriend? Well, if so, it'd have to be AFTER November 4th, LOL.

So, welcome, 2013. Bring us something new, something exciting. While 2012 was a long hard journey, I want 2013 to be an adventure. I want to take risks this year, live on the edge (not in the stupid way, of course). I want to change my life, I want to live. I will change my life, I will live. This is my resolution.

I leave you all with this quote as I head with all of you into the bold unknown.
"To love another person is to see the face of God." -- Victor Hugo (Les Miserables)


Friday, December 14, 2012

A quick post

It's over. School is over. I am so happy. Time for break. So far, I've gotten an A in Calculus II, and an A in Chemistry I. That's all I know so far.

On a completely unrelated note, "Crazy World" by Boys Like Girls came out on Tuesday. I might just post a review of it on here.
The last song on it is amazing. Today, I got home from school, sat down, and within half an hour (or less) I had figured out the chord progression and at least some of the piano part.
I will leave you with this.

My musical tastes have been getting significantly less dark.
Maybe that's a good thing. I wanna be able to listen to lighthearted, upbeat stuff some days and dark, gothic, depressing stuff on others. The variety is good. I also wanna write some upbeat songs as well as the depressing ones. Y'know, to broaden myself as an artist. But anyway.

Enjoy the holidays, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukka (I never spell that right).

Until next time,



Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!

Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!