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Friday, December 14, 2012

A quick post

It's over. School is over. I am so happy. Time for break. So far, I've gotten an A in Calculus II, and an A in Chemistry I. That's all I know so far.

On a completely unrelated note, "Crazy World" by Boys Like Girls came out on Tuesday. I might just post a review of it on here.
The last song on it is amazing. Today, I got home from school, sat down, and within half an hour (or less) I had figured out the chord progression and at least some of the piano part.
I will leave you with this.

My musical tastes have been getting significantly less dark.
Maybe that's a good thing. I wanna be able to listen to lighthearted, upbeat stuff some days and dark, gothic, depressing stuff on others. The variety is good. I also wanna write some upbeat songs as well as the depressing ones. Y'know, to broaden myself as an artist. But anyway.

Enjoy the holidays, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukka (I never spell that right).

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