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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Desktop

Hello all,

Got a new desktop for Christmas, and decided to post on my blog. Hi. How are you guys?
I'm just installing my recording software so that maybe I can get some of my material out there, and actually get some production practice. I've only got two condenser mics, but hey, I'll figure something out.

So, I'm living at my dad's house now. I have my own room for the first time since I was three, and I'm turning it into a recording studio, complete with a desktop computer, a Korg Krome, and an amp, as well as some other equipment I have yet to transport from Mom's house.

I'll talk a little more later. As of now, it is late, and I've gotta get up early for work tomorrow.




Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!

Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!