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Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday, folks.
You know what that means?
Yep, I've made it through my childhood, and I am now a legal adult.
Needless to say, I am more than a little bit psyched.
Technically, I've been an adult since I entered college, but now the world finally recognizes me as a fledgling in the human species, spreading his wings and entering the world with serene grace... or maybe tripping over a few vines and sticks on the way, but you know. Still the same destination. Still that independence. I'm not completely independent yet, of course. I still live with my parents and will for a while. But hopefully, if I can get a decent scholarship, I'll be able to move out into a dorm, and that would be awesome.

I kinda wanna get out of here. I love my family and all, but seriously, I do.
One of the biggest reasons is personal space. So, you assume that a big family means big house to put all of them in, right?
Umm... no.
Try two-and-a-half bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a basement, and a garage. All of which are packed to the point of bursting with all of our belongings. The belongings of eight people.
Yeah. If you saw our house, you'd see a mess.

Here's a breakdown of living arrangements.

TheBruiser, Patar, and I all share one of the bedrooms. They have seventy-five percent of the space, and pretty much live in there. I have a small corner, which, despite the rules I set about it, still manages to collect a lot of their toys, particularly when their section of the room is dirty. Aside from that, I have my bed. And that's it. Again, they both live in the room, so I can't shut the door for two seconds without someone banging on it, inquiring permission to enter because Lego Aragorn in in there and he needs to come out, or they want to play with something. Or something else.
Personally, I think Lego Lord Of The Rings is a desecration of a fine piece of literature, but that's another story.

Banana and Boo live in the other bedroom. Banana has a pretty good grip on the room, so she lives in it more than Boo. Boo usually comes into my room to play with the boys.

As for the parents, Mom lives in the half-bedroom, and Dad in the basement.

So, that's about it.
Basically, I have absolutely no personal space in the house whatsoever, save for a bunk-bed, and a sunken chair in the living room that houses my computer, which I am using at this moment.
If I want personal space, I need to leave the house. If I want to be able to relax outside the house, without people calling the cops on me or staring at me, I need to walk far away. Find a park or something. 'Cause this is New England. People do not tolerate other people standing across the street staring at city lights at eight PM on an Autumn night. Because, for all they know, I could be a stalker. A serial killer. A beastie who goes bump in the night.
So, yeah, I'm really looking forward to moving out. I love my family, but I do wanna move out.

Anyway, so concludes my post. I'm going to my grandparents' house on Sunday, and their having a birthday party for me. I'm pretty happy.
I'll probably post about it sometime when I don't have school.

See you all later!

Monday, August 27, 2012

In regards to the inaptly titled last post....

Oh crap. I just realized that the post prior to the last one, the one entitled "Finally" is the shortest post in the history of this blog.
Epic fail. Oh well.
Since you're kind enough to read, enjoy this beautiful, passionate, amazing, uplifting song.
PelleK is officially one of my all-time favorite singers on the planet. ON THE #$%@ING PLANET!

Shortest post in the history of this blog.




Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!

Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!