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Monday, November 11, 2013

In regards to the ending of the forever alone challenge....

First off, I want to make one thing clear: I am NOT working on my Engineering project right now. I am blogging. And despite the fact that I have google drive up in a separate window, I barely know what I'm talking about (the recent NIF breakthrough with nuclear fusion, for those of you who want to know), and the presentation is due on FRIDAY, here I am, blogging away like the not-ADD, slightly impulsive 19-year-old that I am (there's another thing I forgot to blog about: my birthday).

Anyway, the forever alone challenge ended on November 4th. I have to say, the past year has been fantastic. It was nice to make it away from the dating world a little. It was nice to take some time to develop myself as an individual, as well as focus on studies. But it was also nice to know that I don't need a girlfriend to be happy, despite what the world has been telling me (you know something's wrong with your culture when a woman in your sociology course looks you in the eye during a conversation about whether or not sex is a need and says loudly "YOU NEED IT, <INSERT REAL NAME HERE>!"

Dead serious. Direct quote.

Anyway, back on topic. That's something that's gonna end up going on my BFUO blog (which I haven't touched in months, maybe even over a year).

I would highly reccomend the forever alone challenge to anyone. It's really a great thing, a great time to help you refocus, find out what you want, set your standards, and realize that, dude, you don't need sex or romantic love to be happy. Sure, I missed the romantic part sometimes (and as for sex, I'm a virgin and remaining that way 'till I get married, if that happens), but it wasn't the end of the world. It was actually pretty cool. If anything, I feel like, by abstaining, I'm gonna have a greater appreciation for the little romantic things when I meet someone who's really worth it.
Honestly, for all of you people out there who are looking for love, my advice would be, save as much of yourself as possible for your soulmate/future spouse/whatever you wanna call "The One." Seriously, everyone else will come and go out of your life, and they don't deserve what you have. There's really only one person that deserves that.
Personally, I want to save all my kisses for my wife. That is a really hard thing to ask of myself (as kissing is by far the most ethereally wonderful thing I have experienced), but, hey. It'll make her feel like a helluva special person, right?

Anyway, I'm not really looking for anyone at the moment, and I don't really feel like changing that. I'm pretty much cool with whatever at this point.
My classes are taking up enough of my life as it is.
I mean, take a look:
Differential Equations
Linear Algebra
Sociology: The Family
Introduction to Materials Science
....enough said.

So. I hope to be back on soon. And I know that I have been saying that for the past seven or eight posts, but this time, I really mean it, I swear. Seriously. This will happen.
However, if I follow along the curve I have been following, I'll be seeing you all in March of 2014.

Happy... oh, I don't know... Happy-ing!



Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!

Do Not Eat the Fairy Poodle!