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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New schedule starts in T minus 2 days....

Well, it's here. College.
Dun dun dun duuuuuuuun! Dun dun dun duuuuuuuun!
Mom and I went to the college last night and registered me for some classes. Unfortunately, contrary to our beliefs, the term actually started on monday, rather than next week, so I will be starting late. But on the bright side, because of all the snow, I've only missed one day, so I don't have that much to catch up on (thank God).
I'm going for a degree in engeneering (not the kind that pilots railroad trains, thank you very much), but for now I'm only taking three classes to get accustomed to college life. I have, after all, been home-schooled since I was five, and this will be quite a change of schedule, especially since my first class starts at 7:00 AM. That means no more sleeping in for me. Sniff... that also means no staying up until 11:30 PM listening to We Are The Fallen or Nightwish or Linkin Park.....
Oh, how dreadful!
I'll not be able to head-bang myself to sleep while listening to metal until the summer comes! Sigh....
But at least I'm actually going to be learning some cool new stuff: College Algebra, English Composition and Literature, and Music of the Twentieth Century.
I especially can't wait for the music class!
But if I'll have to get up early for college, I can't be staying up late blogging like this. Oh well.....

Oh, and by the way.....

"Oh my darling, you are so pulchritudinous......"
"I want to osculate your lips, dearest....."

For all who are wondering "pulchritudinous" means beautiful, and to "osculate" means to kiss.

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  1. learn things at that college. okay, that was kinda lame, but still...the fairy poodle commands you to learn things. and stuff.


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